Our General Price List is a pricing guide that itemizes all the goods and services McCrery & Harra offers. Call a funeral home represntative if you have any questions about which items may apply to your specific wishes.

We provide our families who select a funeral or memorial service, with a complimentary 30-40 photo DVD, no matter what service you choose. Click here for a demo

Traditional Services

McCrery & Harra Funeral Homes and Crematory has provided funerals in the Wilmington community for over 100 years. We are equipped to offer any type of service. If you do not want a church service, we offer two convenient, tastefully appointed, locations that accommodate any number of guests.

Service enhancements can be accomplished by a number of products we offer including:

  • Free online obituaries with online condolence and vigil wall features
  • We work closely with several celebrants who meet with the family to discuss eulogies
  • Laminated obituaries
  • Photo prayer cards
  • Service Brochures/Memorial folders


We are dedicated to providing the finest service to our families who choose cremation which is why McCrery & Harra is proud to say that we are the only funeral service provider in New Castle County licensed to provide the Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee.

Our Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee brochure outlines our 10-step cremation process that ensures your loved one’s cremation is handled according to only the highest professional standards. In addition, you can rest assured that our crematory is located in our facility. While many funeral homes utilize third party crematories, at McCrery & Harra Funeral Homes and Crematory, your loved one is always under the care of our licensed funeral directors, who are also certified crematory technicians, and personally supervise every detail of the cremation process.

Click here to learn more about Cremation with Confidence™ and our 10-step process in detail.

Several choices should be considered when a family desires cremation; these choices determine the type of service it will be:

  • The gathering - where family and friends come together either at one of our locations, church or another setting.
  • Time of cremation - will cremation occur before or after the service?
  • Memorialization - what will the final disposition of the cremated remains be? Interment or entombment, placement in a memorial garden, scattering, permanent possession or a combination.
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Celebrant Services

Many families choose a non-traditional, humanistic service. This is an alternative to a religious service and focuses on the life your loved one. A funeral celebrant will meet with the family to discuss eulogies, readings, music, poems, and other features that can be incorporated into the service to make it a meaningful celebration of life.

Many humanistic services incorporate items from our remembrance service selections.


Preparing For Death Is A Gift To The Living.

Pre-arranging your funeral is a considerate, compassionate gift to your loved ones. It relieves them from the burden of having to make many choices at an emotionally difficult time. While preplanning is a thoughtful gesture, it is also practical. Pre-planning enables you to:

  • Have peace of mind
  • Establish your personal wishes ahead of time
  • Free loved ones from making those decisions
  • Select easy payment options that lock in costs at today’s price

If you simply wish to make your choices known in advance and have them on file, we would be happy to help you with this at no charge. And if you choose to prepay your service through one of our guaranteed and insured financing plans, you protect your family further… from unexpected expenses. Contact Anne Rowan for further information on pre-planning and you can be confident your final wishes will be fulfilled.

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Payment Options

To lose someone you love is a devastating human experience. It is frequently traumatic and can seriously impact judgment. We believe in the importance of the recognition and meaningful celebration of a life that has been lived and will assist in arranging an appropriate service to meet your individual needs.

It is also important to be realistic in respect to funeral expenditures. We do not want a family to spend more than they are able nor less than they would like. What is important is that arrangements be in keeping with a family’s wishes and budget. Provisions are due when services are rendered. To avoid any possibility of misunderstanding or embarrassment and for your convenience, we accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit card
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance Assignment of a Verifiable Policy
  • Advance Payment by a forwarding or receiving Funeral Home
  • Pre-paid Advance Planning
  • Monthly Payment Plan Through LendingUSA