Aguilera, Sebastian

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Sebastian Alvarez Aguilera was born on June 4th, 1962 in Valle Hermoso, Coquimbo, Chile. Son to Celia Alvarez Perez and Urbano del Rosario Vega, and the youngest of five brothers and sisters. Since he was young, he loved helping his mother and his community. At 18 he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints; this was the beginning of his journey as a missionary. In 1979 at 20 years old he officially moved to Argentina to pursue a new beginning. Later on, in 1991 Sebastian was witnessed to by German missionaries, Brigitte and Wolf Osterheld and joined the Unification movement. Shortly after, he began his first mission with the HSA-UWC in Panama. Within a year he prepared for and received the blessing ceremony on August 25, 1992, with his beloved wife Maria Santos De Lima in Seoul, South Korea. Eager to continue his missionary work, God led him to Italy where he spent four years raising funds to aid global projects. His time in Italy was an experience he held most dear. An experience he would later go on to share with family and friends through his cooking and storytelling. In 1996 Sebastian returned to Chile with his wife to support local church growth. This led him to serve the community as CARP president in 1997. The following year brought the Aguilera couple much joy and excitement as they welcomed the birth of their first daughter Youngsun Aguilera in Santiago, Chile. From there on, Sebastian traveled to Manhattan, New York to captain a fundraising team in 1999. In the following year, he settled in the state of Delaware, successfully relocating his beloved wife and daughter to the United States. The Aguilera family established their roots in Delaware, and in 2001 witnessed the birth of their second daughter Ohana Aguilera. Sebastian continued to invest his time into the Latino community by visiting churches, witnessing, and lecturing, making many long-lasting friends along the way. He also volunteered at the Latin American Community Center, teaching family ideals and marriage classes. Sebastian and Maria continued giving lectures and hosting bible studies in their home. Which soon after, became a hub for gathering people to share delicious food and have conversations about God. For the next few years, this would be what the Aguilera family dedicated their time doing. Sebastian Aguilera also did mission work in Russia, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. He shared all of his memories with his family in the form of stories, jokes and hefty photo albums. Sebastian Aguilera was a beloved son, husband, and father. He was someone with an abundance of love for others. He never took anything too seriously and worked day and night for the well-being of his loved ones. Even when he had told it before, his jokes would still fill your heart with joy. Sebastian was an extraordinary singer and loved to sing classic romance songs in Spanish around the house. His grandest legacy was teaching those around him to be kind, hospitable, and patient. His presence will be deeply missed as we continue to share his love, adventures and laughter.

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