Cremation - Why the Price Disparity?

Just like any other good or service in a given geographic region the consumer will see a continuum of pricing for cremation services. My dad, who ran his own business (nothing related funerals mind you) for many years has an adage I’ve heard many, many times, “Quality pays. It doesn’t cost.” Those are words to remember if you’re buying something as cheap as a pack of gum, or as expensive as a car, or somewhere in between like, say, a….cremation.

A lot of consumers get bogged down in the idea of why one firm is more expensive than another. When in reality, I think the consumer should be asking, why is one firm so much cheaper? What makes them less expensive? Are shortcuts being taken? Maybe, and maybe not, but it seems that when this profession lands itself in the media it usually seems to have something to do with cremation…and it’s usually not the firms that are doing things by the book. Just look at what happened in Georgia with Tri State Crematory. In 2002 it was discovered that over 300 bodies that had been consigned for cremation were languishing on the property. Three hundred!

Questions you may want to ask when arranging for a cremation are:

  • Who will be doing the cremation and are they certified?
  • Are you a member of the Cremation Association of North America and/or the National Funeral Directors Association?
  • May I inspect the cremation facilities? Or better yet, show up unannounced, and request a tour
  • What steps are being taken to ensure the cremated remains returned to me are that of my loved one?
  • Are your facility and professional licenses up to date?

The price disparity with cremation can also have to do with what the consumer is getting. A low priced offering when all the “extras” are added in can be just as much as the “more expensive” firm down the street. I believe in marketing terms this is called the “bait and switch.” When cremation shopping, make sure when you are comparing price you are also comparing the services (and sometimes goods) attached to those prices.

Like any other purchase, do your research before you commit.