Our Mission

How much does the independent, family-owned funeral home matter to you? What is the difference? It boils down to our family serving your family, as we have been doing for over a century. At McCrery & Harra we are proud to offer the highest level of service in the profession, personalized attention to detail, and services tailored to fit every need and every budget. In essence: we serve you, not a stockholder’s dividend.

There has been a recent, dramatic, increase in the number of corporate-owned conglomerate funeral homes in America and now in Delaware. Corporate- owned conglomerate funeral homes work differently. Their first priority is to serve their stockholders; they make decisions based on making money quickly. Typically, when a funeral home is bought by a corporate conglomerate, the original name of the funeral home is kept. Families often choose a funeral home based on name recognition or prior use. In the case of a corporate conglomerate only the name is the same. The funeral home may be owned by a company in another state.

Yes, we’re still a business with financial responsibilities, but our goals are different. Corporate conglomerates are only interested in maximizing short-term profits for their shareholders. Our goal is long-term stability and growth that is beneficial to you and our neighbors. And unlike the conglomerates, our success is predicated upon your satisfaction. When we succeed, we’re able to continue to play our role in the Delaware economy.